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Comann Eachdraidh Ghleann Lìomhann

The Glenlyon HS, Scotland, is run by local residents of Glenlyon (map) with an interest in the local history of the glen.

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19th January, Press Release: For Immediate Release

New History Society to Delve into Glenlyon's Past

A group of residents of Glenlyon who share a common fascination in the area''s history have banded together to form the Glen Lyon History Society. The group will launch their website and hold the first public talk at Invervar Lodge in Glenlyon on Sunday March 19th.

Few areas in Scotland are as mysterious as Glenlyon. Whether it is entered into via a breathtaking gorge from the East or over a high mountain pass to the West, the 34 mile long glen is renown for its beauty and seclusion. It also guards a rich and varied past that has drawn the interest of writers and historians for centuries. The writings of authors such as Duncan Campbell, Alexander Stewart and his daughter Alexandra Stewart have left us with a superb testament of the events, families and times that have shaped the glen.

The glen is still littered with ancient archaeological ruins that hint at a time when the area is thought to have been an important military centre for the Pictish kingdom and was later believed to be a focus for the reforming zeal of one of Scotland''s early Christian missionaries, St Adamnan. For centuries the area was a wild frontier renowned for cattle raids and clan warfare. In the 18th and 19th century the glen prospered with the 1871 census recording over 500 residents. Foreign wars, economic collapse and the Highland Clearances have left many settlements long abandoned and a permanent population of around 100.

The group behind the Glenlyon History Society hope to revive this past with a series of informative talks as well as a website that can be accessed from around the world. "We have set this society up to promote a better understanding of Glenlyon's history. For many years now the Glen has had a more transient population so much of the oral history of the area has been lost. We want to reconnect with the former residents and descendants of Glenlyon to record their stories for future generations," commented the groups secretary Jamie Grant.

The Society will hold its inaugural meeting at Invervar Lodge on Sunday the 19th of March. Tom Beels will be giving a talk at 8pm on the history of Meggernie Estate, followed by an informal discussion. The meeting is free and open to all. Please bring any old books, postcards or other memorabilia that you may have that relates to the glen.

The Society''s website is already packed with maps, photos, settlement information and historical literature and will be completed by the 19th of March. If you have an inquiry, or any recollections of past times in Glenlyon that you are willing to share with us, please contact us by sending an email to

For further information contact: Jamie Grant, tel: 01887 877 246, email:

Glenlyon HS Membership

The Society endeavours to meet three times a year. For meeting details see the bulletin board.