Glenlyon History Society

Comann Eachdraidh Ghleann Lìomhann

The Glenlyon HS, Scotland, is run by local residents of Glenlyon (map) with an interest in the local history of the glen.


There is little left of the old settlement of Bruach. On the ground today is Ballinloan House and Ballinloan cottage. This is not the original location of Ballinloan hich was on the meadow further west and south. [See Alexander Stewart - Chapter 2]

At one time a small community lived at Bruach. In the 1871 census there were 7 occupied houses with 23 people. There was a shoemaker, and a weaver and a "hawker" [seller of goods from door to door].

Glenlyon HS Membership

The Society endeavours to meet three times a year. For meeting details see the bulletin board.