Glenlyon History Society

Comann Eachdraidh Ghleann Lìomhann

The Glenlyon HS, Scotland, is run by local residents of Glenlyon (map) with an interest in the local history of the glen.


Woodend is the first settlement that is fully "in the glen". The small house and adjacent bothy is little changed over the last century.

Alexander Stewart, the author of The History of the Parish of Fortingall, lived here. Alexander was the shoemaker locally as was his father, also Alexander. The initials AS are chiselled into the wall in the inside of the bothy with the date 18xx.

The OS notes the name to be Blackcroft in 1867. Though the contemporary Alexander Stewart always refers to it as Woodend.

Stobie gives it the name Tyne Croit. Possibly an anglicised Tigh na Croit - which would be the house on the hummock.

Glenlyon HS Membership

The Society endeavours to meet three times a year. For meeting details see the bulletin board.