Glenlyon History Society

Comann Eachdraidh Ghleann Lìomhann

The Glenlyon HS, Scotland, is run by local residents of Glenlyon (map) with an interest in the local history of the glen.


There are houses and settlements strung out along the length of the glen.

With a long history of settlement and habitation there are varying names and spellings for settlements over time. There are a number of sources for the settlements in the glen, not least the physical locations today and their local names. The table below shows the names and locations from mapping sources that take us from about 1600 to the present day.

For details of poulations at these locations a summary of 1871 census data is a useful starting point. It shows that there were about 500 people living in the glen at that time.


At the beginning of the 17th century Timothy Pont mapped most of Scotland. Sadly many of his maps have not survived. Those that have survived are held by the National Library of Scotland (NLS). Alongside his maps Pont also made field notes. His field notes from Glen Lyon are held by the NLS. There is a great correlation between Pont's notes and the settlements on the ground today. The beginnings of an analysis being undertaken by Colin Wilson is given here.


James Stobie produced a map of Perthshire in 1783. It was revised and re-issued in 1805.

Ordnance Survey

The first series Ordnance Survey maps are from 1867. They have been revised many times since then and the most recent revision is circa 2001.

The settlements are listed from here east to west, that is from the entrance of the glen heading westward towards Bridge of Orchy. Artrasgairt, Fortingall and Culdaremore are just outside the entrance to the glen but all are mentioned many times in articles relating to the glen so are included for context.

Grid references given are modern OS series references. First most useful scale map is the OS 1:25,000 Explorer Series (Sheet 378, Ben Lawers and Glen Lyon). For old locations these are approximations extrapolated from the old maps to the modern grid. There is no "grid" for Stobie's map, or Pont's notes.

Glen Lyon Settlements
Grid Ref OS OS Stobie Pont
Date 2001 1867 1783 c1610
NN 741 470 Fortingall Fortingal Kirktown of Fortingall  
NN 735 470 Glen Lyon House Glen Lyon House    
NN 730 472 Artrasgairt   Ardriskart  
NN 727 469 Culdaremore Culdaremore Culdairmore  
NN 713 477 Woodend Blackcroft Tyne Croit  
NN 704 472 Blackwood Cottage (Building shown but unnamed)    
NN 700 473 Dornoch Lodge      
NN 699 471 Blackcroft (Ruins) (Building shown but unnamed) Croitriach  
NN 696 475 Chesthill Chesthill Chestle Sestel
NN 686 478 (Ruins)   Letrye  
NN 686 478 Balintyre Balintyre Balintyre  
NN 682 477 Bon Dhu (Building shown but unnamed)    
NN 677 478 Carnbane Castle Carnbane Castle   Carin-Bain
NN 673 482 Carnban Carnbanemor Cairnbane  
NN 674 481 (Trace ruins) Carnbanebeag    
NN 666 484 (Invervar Lodge and two other properties) Easter Invervar    
NN 665 482 Invervar Invervar Inver Varr Innervar
NN 663 481 Wester Invervar      
NN 670 476 Dericambus Dericambus Dericamus Dirigams
NN 653 475 Inverinian Invervane   Inneringneon
NN 647 477 Ruskich Ruskich Rouskich Ruskich
NN 638 474 Lagganacha Lagganacha    
NN 634 475 Slatich Easter Slatich Slattich Slatich
NN 631 475 (Old barn) Wester Slatich    
NN 632 469 Roromore Roromore Roro Voir Roro
NN 627 476 Craigianie Craiganee Craignich Kreig-eemy
NN 626 469 (Milton) Miltown Milltown Balemouling
NN 623 472 Balnahanaid Balnahanaid Balnahainagie Balvahannord
NN 620 478 Camusvrachan Camusvrachan Camusvrachken Brakky
NN 612 473 Balmenoch Balmenoch Balemeanoch Balemeanach
  (Unknown)   Borabeg  
NN 608 476 (Ruins and Sheep pens) Ard Nard  
NN 611 472 Roroyere Roroyere    
NN 603 470 (Balnacraig) Balnacraig Balnacraig  
NN 600 475 Ballinloan Bruach Bruch  
NN 596 475 (site of old farmhouse) Ballinloan Balinloan  
NN 595 470 (To be researched) Creag na Eildag Craiggillan Kreig-Elich
NN 588 473 Innerwick Innerwick Invervuick Inner-Muick
NN 582 469 Kerrowmore Kerrowmore Ginmere [possible match?]  
NN 577 469 (To be researched)   Balnahoclas Balna-heglis
NN 577 469 Bridge of Balgie (north of Lyon)      
NN 577 468 (To be researched) Bridge of Balgie (South of Lyon)    
NN 570 463 (Milton Eonan) Bail a'Mhuilinn Ianin Mulineonan Balemoulin
NN 553 460 Meggernie Meggernie Castle Meggarnie Magerny
NN 549 455 Dail Riabhach Dail Riabhach   Dalrioch Mor
NN 542 456 Gallin Guallan Geallin Ghealduy?
NN 533 444 Moar Mor Shios E.More  
NN 531 446 Ross Ros Ross  
NN 530 437 Wester Moar Mor Shuas W.More  
NN 528 436 Kenknock Ceann Cnoic Kencnock Kean-na -knock?
NN 508 419 Stronuich Stronuich Straneuch  
NN 489 418 Cashlie Cashlie Cashley  
NN 486 414 Dalchiorlich Dalchiorlich Dalcheirlich  
  (Unknown)   Camaslai  
NN 463 420 Pubil Pubil Puball Pubble-fren
NN 454 416 Lubreoch Lubreoch    
NN 443 422 (Sheep pens) Coirechraovie   Cory-Chrevy
NN 439 420 (Approx - now submerged) Sheanvore    
NN 424 420 (Approx - now submerged) Tullich    
NN 422 418 (Approx - now submerged) Poll Naoinear    
NN 412 414 (Approx - now submerged) Lubheasgarnich Feskinich [Possible match?]  
NN 406 418 (Approx - now submerged) Invermeran   Innermearan
NN 387 398 (Approx - now submerged) Ardvannoch (Benveanoch? 1871 census)   Leac-vannah?
NN 396 401 (Approx - now submerged) An Ruadh Rew  
NN 382 390 (Sheep fold nearby. Approx - probably now submerged) Tomochoarn Tomachera Tomchrewin
NN 380 389 (Approx - now submerged) Luban Loops Lowbin
NN 529 456 Croch na Keys (Lochs House) (not shown)   Kreach na Keir?

Modern names not recorded on the OS 2001 revision but signed or used locally are shown in parentheses.

Glenlyon HS Membership

The Society endeavours to meet three times a year. For meeting details see the bulletin board.